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Wednesday the 2nd of June 2010

10:39:38 PM


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After a long hiatus of ‘no-net-@-home’, I can now get back to work - sort of.  I have a PC at least, therefore I can type up my notes from two large notepads…

However, I do not have a 'workday' any longer and my writing work must be done in spare time at night, as my 'work' now primarily consists of 'taking care of father'. Therefore I have spent much time carrying shopping, accompanying father on local walks/bus trips, and doing the chores/some of the gardening - not writing.

This does not mean I have done no work since last posting within the bounds of writing/creativity. I did the best I could - whilst not having a pc at the time - to complete a project for BB/M, and I have written by hand in ink on note pads for the contents of NIAH… but other thanthat and  a couple poems and songs, little else.

Finally, I obtained my new PC on my 44th birthday. I have since: edited a few pages of ATSH & typed out some of NIAH. As May reached half way stage, I began working on some blogs ready to post when I got the net at home again - and as you are reading one of these right now, you will know that I am now online @ home and able to work a 'few hours' each week.

Luckily, I got the internet sorted out shortly before the second public holiday in May - meaning that I did not have to shift my week around just to manage to spend 4 hrs online at the library…

My new routine consists of 1-1.5 hrs online in the morning with my coffee pre yoga/laundry. This enables me to keep my blogs up to date - and my fantasy league baseball and email. I can then spend any evenings I have free online again at groups and community sites, or working/studying. Due to being required from 8am thru 3-4pm daily, and sometimes 24/24 for caring duties/cleaning & gardening, this is all I can currently manage.
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