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Saturday the 3rd of December 2011

08:25:49 AM

Save 25% on your Christmas gifts

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  • Needing: life to settle down a tad

Have you considered giving a book as a gift this year? If so, please check out WINTERBEAR PUBLICATIONS' 11 titles. The subject range includes romance & poetry, sci-fi & autobio, ornithology & music, & more...

You can view a short description of each book along with viewing their covers at http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=447963169080

Each of these books are available in both hard copy & e-book format.

If you quote the Coupon Code - BUYMYBOOK305 - you will save 25% off your purchase of our books. (Coupon expires December 14 2011. $50 Max Savings.)

To purchase one or more of these titles, head along to http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/winterbear where you will find further details and be able to use the coupon code to save on your order.

Posting the above ad in a half dozen places online has resulted in more book sales than any of my new releases. My books are begining to get popular, lol!
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Saturday the 17th of September 2011

06:28:36 AM

Latest workblog

For once, I have 'some' news.... I have started up a new blog, almost earned a payment from adsense, and.....more.

My books are still for sale from the POD printer, but are now at a new address - http://lulu.com/spotlight/winterbear

I have UK£59.67 in my Google Adsense account, and get paid at £60.... so maybe this week or next?

This is the link to my new blog – detailing redecorating, renovating, styling, and searching for treasures amongst the junk in my room, and one day the entire house.


Here is the link to a video I recently created – don't worry, it is fairly short!

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BWSBSAJDT0

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Sunday the 12th of June 2011

06:56:04 AM

Recent writing work

Over the past month or so, little work has been done due to my family duties caring for my elderly father becoming FT since last years hospitalization. I have endeavored to continue my blogging, write the odd article here and there, and edit a page or two of the next book, but….

Recently, I have written a recipe for halva, posted a video of a wood pigeon and a couple of musician interviews, and more -

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Sunday the 1st of May 2011

08:31:09 AM

recent work

  • Current Mood: tired
Not much writing going on, due to lack of time. However, plenty of work!

I have managed to keep up 4 blogs, but not yet get back into any editing on my 12th book or much writing of the 13th. I have, though, been a cook, cleaner, gardener, chauffeur, secretary, washing machine, dental assistant, waiter, shopper, and much more 7/7...
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Monday the 28th of February 2011

07:38:06 AM

JAN & FEB 2011

Hmm, alas, not very much WORK in the nature of writing has been done. I have continued to work on my 4 blogs, especially my SFMN music blog, but not very much else. Once again, my 'excuse' is that I currently work FT as a carer.

I hope to become more organized and squish in an hour or two a week on editing my fully written yet partially unedited book... ... ... ... 'soon'.
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Friday the 31st of December 2010

10:23:38 AM

End of 2010

Well, I have still not done very much editing of ATSH, due to the fact that my father ate 8 meals a day - even if he has now cut that down to six, it is I who has to prepare, cook, serve, and clear up afterwards. I have continued to write my SF MUSIC, BIRD, and YOGA blogs - and also bvegin a book-blog. I have done very little else - as my current 'work' is emptying commodes, fetching drinks, folding and carrying walking frames, manning the phone, doing most of the shopping, answering the door, etc etc.  Maybe 2011 will allow me enough time to actually complete ATSH... 
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Wednesday the 6th of October 2010

09:03:37 AM

sept workblog

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  • Last music heard: vacancy - madelia
  • Needing: sleep
  • CROPS: tons of apples
Very little other than blogging has been done this past month, due to non-writing work. I have continued with my three main blogs, however - www.yogatap.com, www.birdstory.com, and www.sanfranciscomusicnews.com.

Additionally, I have been working on http://mad-books.blogspot.com/ which is my fairly new blog about books that I have read. I started this up as my alternatives did not allow for some of the books i chose to rewad or maxed out at 200 books - and i have read more than 200 books! This way, I can keep them all up without losing my posts.

I am hoping that now my non-writing commitments are slightly less, I can return to editing ATSH and get it published around the new year.
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Wednesday the 11th of August 2010

09:06:00 PM

June - August 2010

Due to my father going into hospital for a major operation and his aftercare, my worklife is basically zero at the current time. I have continued my 3 main blogs - www.sanfranciscomusicnews.com, www.birdstory.com, and yogatap.com - and begun a new blog dedicated to the books that i read which you can acess from the link on my readers forum at my website.

There has been a standstill in regard to the next two books i hope to release - but I may still get ATSH out by the close of the year if my father improves within the next few weeks. At the moment my working life is longer hours and involves cleaning up messes and cooking meals and chores in the way of gardening, cleaning, nursing, etc...
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Wednesday the 2nd of June 2010

10:39:38 PM


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  • Last music heard: Elephone
  • CROPS: mint and nastutrtiums
After a long hiatus of ‘no-net-@-home’, I can now get back to work - sort of.  I have a PC at least, therefore I can type up my notes from two large notepads…

However, I do not have a 'workday' any longer and my writing work must be done in spare time at night, as my 'work' now primarily consists of 'taking care of father'. Therefore I have spent much time carrying shopping, accompanying father on local walks/bus trips, and doing the chores/some of the gardening - not writing.

This does not mean I have done no work since last posting within the bounds of writing/creativity. I did the best I could - whilst not having a pc at the time - to complete a project for BB/M, and I have written by hand in ink on note pads for the contents of NIAH… but other thanthat and  a couple poems and songs, little else.

Finally, I obtained my new PC on my 44th birthday. I have since: edited a few pages of ATSH & typed out some of NIAH. As May reached half way stage, I began working on some blogs ready to post when I got the net at home again - and as you are reading one of these right now, you will know that I am now online @ home and able to work a 'few hours' each week.

Luckily, I got the internet sorted out shortly before the second public holiday in May - meaning that I did not have to shift my week around just to manage to spend 4 hrs online at the library…

My new routine consists of 1-1.5 hrs online in the morning with my coffee pre yoga/laundry. This enables me to keep my blogs up to date - and my fantasy league baseball and email. I can then spend any evenings I have free online again at groups and community sites, or working/studying. Due to being required from 8am thru 3-4pm daily, and sometimes 24/24 for caring duties/cleaning & gardening, this is all I can currently manage.
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Friday the 27th of November 2009

09:47:04 AM

WORKBLOG: 2009: 47

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Monday, November 23, 2009:

I began by going online. After a couple of hours, I wrote a half dozen blogs and typed up some notes, before going off to rest and organize my son's new accommo and an overseas flight

I came back to tidy files, as my son's hopes were dashed and I will not be flying over in 2 weeks after all, but 6-9 - unless he can secure a new temporary home within the next 2-3 days!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009:

I am moving overseas in less than 2 week's time - so I tidied files and wrote a couple of blogs

There is not much chance of being any more work done until such time as I arrive, buy a new computer, and connect to the internet other than loading pre-written blogs or typing up notes so I will leave 2009 workblogs for now and get back to you all in the new year!

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